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    We are here to help. You have been referred here by your letting agent, who trust us to assess your suitability for a new tenancy with them.

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We are here to assist you.

Our process independently verifies you and your financial and personal circumstances, to create a report, which allows your letting agent or landlord to assess your tenancy application. This is a secure and simple online process. We are fully independent and are in no way linked to the granting to you of a tenancy. That is entirely the decision of your landlord / letting agent.

We are a third party tenant reference provider ONLY – we are specialists in assisting people to verify their status.

You may be able to carry out certain elements of this process yourself, which may satisfy the requirements of your letting agent.

Your letting agent may have offered you various choices, one of which being to use our services, another is to verify your own status and thirdly to opt not to have a reference at all and instead make rental payments for advanced periods.

We are not a letting agent and do not conditionalise your use of our services for the granting of a tenancy agreement, as we have no connection to the letting process.


Some tenancy applications require that an individual stands as guarantor for a tenant of a property.

In this case, we will undertake a very similar verification process for the guarantor, as the guarantor is taking financial responsibility for the tenancy, in the event that the tenant fails in their duty.

Naturally, some of the details will vary in your assessment, as you are not living in the tenanted property, however we asses you similarly. This is a secure and simple online process.

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