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For Tenants

We are here to assist you rent the home that you are currently applying for.

Our process independently verifies you and your financial and personal circumstances, to create a report which allows your letting agent or landlord to assess your tenancy application. This is a secure and simple online process.


For Guarantors

Some tenancy applications require that an individual stands as guarantor for a tenant of a property.

In this case, we will undertake a very similar verification process for the guarantor, as the guarantor is taking financial responsibility for the tenancy, in the event that the tenant fails in their duty.

Naturally, some of the details will vary in your assessment, as you are not living in the tenanted property, however we asses you similarly. This is a secure and simple online process.

Some reassuring information for you

  • We operate a paperless office and never require or store paper documents for you
  • We are registered with the information commissioners office (ICO) reg. number ZA007544
  • We keep all information in a secure fully encrypted electronic format
  • Information is only required for the duration of the tenancy
  • We do not use any information for any purpose other than to assess the tenancy application
  • We do not pass your information to any third party company for any marketing purposes
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